Contra review
The original NES Rambos

The good:

Fast and furious action. Side-view and 3-D areas. Nice variety of weapons.

The bad:

High difficulty level. Some problems with graphics flickering and slowdown.


One of the original NES shooter games, Contra brought the intense action of the arcade version home. It also introduced the secret "Konami Code" for unlocking various goodies. The gameplay splits between side-scrolling and 3D/behind the back action and supports 1 or 2 players.
The graphics aren't the best but they do the job quite well. Backgrounds & bosses have a nice amount of detail. There is a problem with when a lot of objects are onscreen-either the game may slow down or there's enough flicker that objects even briefly disappear. Sounds are OK-weapon firing sounds are realistic otherwise not much to write home about. Controls are simple but responsive. The difficulty's a little in the high side and the game's hard to beat without the Konami Code, even with limited continues and 2-player option.
Almost 20 years after it first hit arcades & consoles, this game is still as good a workout as it was back in the 1980s. A good game if you can find it in the bargain bins.

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