Conquests of Camelot FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Conquests of Camelot FAQ/Walkthrough

by Lachie Dazdarian   Updated to v1.0 on
      |CONQUESTS OF CAMELOT Walkthrough| 

Written by Lachie Dazdarian around 2000. and
originally in Croatian. Translated and revised 
in August of 2006.

Step by step solution

Text in [] brackets needs to be inputted in the
parser. The parser activates when you press any
letter on the keyboard. If you press SPACE the
last input in the parser will repeat.

Enter your room. Dress your clothes[take clothes].
Arthur will automatically change clothes, take the
armor, sword and the shield. Take the purse[take 
purse]. Leave your room and go to treasury(upper-
-right part of the castle). Talk with the guard[talk 
to man]. Give him the purse and take some gold
[give purse][take gold]. Take the purse back[take
purse]. Go to chapel(upper-left part of the castle).
Approach the left altar and kneel[kneel]. Give gold
[give money]. After the vision pray[pray]. Stand up
[stand up], approach the right altar and kneel
[kneel]. Give gold and pray[give gold][pray]. Stand
up[stand up] and go to queen Gwenhyver in the garden
(by the upper-left part of the castle). Talk to her
[talk to lady]. You can kiss with her if you like
[kiss lady]. Approach the bush with the rose and
take it[take rose]. Go back to treasury and give
the purse to the guard[give purse]. This time take
gold, copper and silver[take gold][take silver][take 
copper]. Take the purse back[take purse] and go to
Merlin(just above treasury). Talk to him[talk to
merlin]. Approach the chest and open it[open box].
Take the lodestone[take lodestone]. Approach the
map and look at it[look at map]. Study it a bit if
curious. Leave the Merlin's room and go to the
castle gates(lower part of the castle, in the
middle). Stand on the left side of the horse
and climb it[get on horse]. Go left. When the 
gates rise go down to leave the castle.

On the map you can go to lake OT MOOR, port 
to go to GLASTONBURY TOR first.

Approach the statue and give copper[give money].
Click on the copper and then on GIVE. Go left.
Talk with the hunter[talk to hunter]. Give him
money[open purse]. Click on the copper and then
on GIVE. Ask about the mad monk[ask about monk].
He will tell you that the monk is in GLASTONBURY
TOR and has protected it with some sort of spell.
Ask him about the spear[ask about spear] and then
buy it[buy spear]. Give him money[give money].
Click once on the gold coin and then on GIVE.
Go left. Now the battle with the boar starts.
The trick is in swinging on the boar quite
earlier that it might seem logical. When you
kill them go left. After the crow warns you
on the black knight say yes to her[yes], but
it's not obligatory. Look at the skeleton[look
at the corpse]. Take the peace of the cloth on
it[take silk]. Go slightly up and then right.
Now a battle with the dark knight awaits you.
When he asks you if you will fight or let your
knight to die, say you will fight[joust]. In 
the battle it's best to raise your shield
up-right(hold the letters E and F) and the spear 
down-right(hold 2 and 6). When the black knight 
approaches to a critical distance pull the spear 
up-left and hit him in the shoulder or the right 
part of the body(hold 4 and 8). You need to 
unhorse him 3 times. After you beat him go right. 
Approach Gawaine and break the shackles[break 
shackles]. Talk to Gawaine[talk to Gawaine] and 
put him on the horse[take Gawaine to horse]. Go 
right. You'll see an old crone. Give her the silk 
you found on the corpse[give silk]. She will turn
into a girl and leave. On the shrine some 
inscription will appear. You can try to read
it[read shrine] but it won't help you. Go up
and then left through the passage. You will
reach a set of stones which are actually 
riddles to solve. You need to approach to a
desired stone and talk to it[talk to stone].
Right after the riddle appears you are expected
to input the answer on it. There are around 20
riddles, but I only know the answer on 16 of
them. I saw a walkthrough with 9 riddles solved
so stop complaining. If any unlisted appears and 
you don't know the answer to it go down and then 
get back to Glastonbury Tor. A new set of five
riddles will appear. Repeat that until you get 
five you can answer.

This is the solution for 16 riddles is know.

To unravel me
You need a simple key,....answer is 'riddle'

You heard me before,
Yet you hear me again,....answer is 'echo'

All about, but cannot be seen,
Can be captured, cannot be held,....answer is 'wind'

Lovely and round,
I shine with pale light,....answer is 'pearl'

I go around in circles,
But always straight ahead,....answer is 'wheel'

Each morning I appear
To lie at your feet,....answer is 'shadow'

I am seen in the water.
If seen in the sky,....answer is 'blue'

Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,....answer is 'ship'

Three lives have I.
Gentle enough to soothe the skin,....answer is 'water'

I drive man mad,
for love of me,....answer is 'gold'

I turn around once,
What is out will not get in,....answer is 'key'

You can see nothing else 
When you look in my face,....answer is 'mirror'

Until I am measured
I am not known,....answer is 'time'

When young, I am sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged, I make you gay,....answer 'wine'

I am always hungry,
I must always be fed,....answer is 'fire'

Bright as diamonds,
Loud as thunder,....answer is 'waterfall'

After you answer all five riddle you will be able
to go left. After you pass the stones a spell will 
transport you in the center of Glastonbury Tor. 
You will need to go down now. Approach the monk. 
Talk to him[talk to monk] and ask him about the 
well[ask about well]. He will go berserk and leave. 
You need to go back. If a monk is there he will 
attack you. Take your sword out[draw sword]. Fight 
with him and kill the bastard. Out of him some 
spirits will pop out(Old Ones). If you don't find 
the monk right away, explore the place until you do 
so. Return to the center of Glastonbury Tor and go 
up. After you find the altar, approach it and call 
the Old Ones[talk to old ones]. They will hint you 
that they require that much of silver as much the 
Moon has children. Ask the Old Ones about the moon
[ask old ones about moon]. Open your purse and put 
5 silver coins on the altar[give money]. Click 5 
times on the silver coin and then on GIVE. The Old 
Ones will take the silver and leave a key. Take it
[take key]. Go down two screens to the well. Position 
yourself on the south side of it and use the key[use 
key]. Open the well[open well] and drink the 
water[drink water]. Search the well[search well]. 
When you find the crystal heart you will be able to 
leave Glastonbury Tor. Go down and you will appear 
by the riddle stones. Go down once more. Now you will 
be on the map again.

You are expected to go to LAKE OT MOOR now,
which is in the upper-right part of the map.

When you reach the lake, go right to the shore and 
then up on the ice. You will have to use the crystal 
hear now, which warns you on thin ice[use heart]. 
For the heart to be useful at all, you need to make 
small steps, 5-6 pixels long. Move Arthur with the 
cursor by click few pixels after few pixels in any 
direction. When the heart turns purple you need to 
go back and try in another direction. For this part 
of the game, patience is required. You are meant to 
go one screen up, two left, and then up, where the 
palace is. When you leave the starting ice screen 
upwards, you need to go to the point which is slightly 
south from the to the middle of the screen(slow and
carefully) and then toward left on the same manner(you 
can try with one click on the left edge of the screen 
but be sure to save your position before that). On the 
third ice screen you need go slightly down and left 
and then slightly up and left, which you will gather 
from the crystal heart. On the fourth screen you need 
to go down a lot, then left and then up. After you 
pass this screen you will be in front of the palace. 
Follow this layout:

AA is Arthur, PA is the palace,
SS is the shore.                         PA
When you arrive at lake OT MOOR          4]3]2]
you start at position                        1]
AA.                                        AASS

In the palace you will find Ice Maiden and Lancelot. 
First talk to Ice Maiden[talk to lady]. Give her the 
crystal heart[give heart]. After she says that the 
Holy Grail is in Jerusalem she will ask you if you 
would like to free Lancelot. Answer affirmatively[free 
Lancelot]. She will take you to a bush with flowers. 
Ask her about the test[ask about test] and look at the 
bush[look at bush]. Ice Maiden will give you a riddle 
for every flower. The answers are not so hard to figure 
out if you save position before answering and try every 
flower until you find the right one for that specific 
riddle. You need to answer correctly on 3 riddles and 
are not supposed to make a mistake. These are all 
the answers:

It can be sweet on the tongue,
Or vile as a curse,....'yellow lily'

Oh, it is splendid,
It has no peer,....'sunflower'

Wise are they,
Who seek it,....'chrysanthemum'

If a dream is abandoned,
Or a purpose dies,....'anemone'

When light is dim and courage fails
When heart against adversity rails,....'almond blossom'

For its sweet sake
You suffer in silence,....'forget-me-not'

Known to the priest
And nun,....'cornflower'

Surrounded by giants
Your worries were few,....'buttercup'

It alleviates all pain and sorrows,
The final end of all tomorrows,....'daffodil'

In time of grief,
It gives relief,....'poppy'

Once you solve all the riddles you will automatically
go to Lancelot, he will be released and transported
to Camelot and you to shore. Go left to leave the

On the map go to Southampton, which is east from 
Camelot, on the shore(naturally).

In the port talk with the sailor after approaching
him[talk to man]. He will give you several
destination to go. You are supposed to go to Gaza.
Anyway, going to any other location will result in
Arthur's death, before reaching that location, in
one or the other way. Ask the man about the price
of the trip[ask about price]. The journey to Gaza
costs 3 gold coins. Book a passage to Gaza[book
passage to gaza] and give the man 3 gold coins
[give money]. The captain will warn you that you
are not a king in that land and should be careful.

After you reach Gaza and leave the ship, right away 
a boy and some fishy looking man will approach you. 
Go with the boy[go with boy] who will lead you to 
his master, Al-Sirat. Eat and drink[eat][drink] in
Al-Sirat's house. He will tell you about some goddess 
who will test you six times. Ask him about the 
goddess[ask about goddess] and her manifestations[ask 
about manifestations]. Write down the symbols(really 
important). Stand up[stand up] and go outside. You 
will find yourself outside Gaza and don't got back, 
unless you want to lose your head.

Outside Gaza that man from the port will appear
(Jabir). Hire him[hire jabir]. Follow him to the 
water but don't drink it, since the mule is refusing 
to drink it. The water is obviously poisoned to scare 
away the scoundrel will the sword[draw sword]. Go back 
one screen. Take out the sword and save position. When 
you approach the stones Jabir will attack you. Kill him. 
Perhaps it is not necessary to go back to kill Jabir, 
or even to hire him in the first place. Go back to the
water and go one more screen toward right(upper edge 
of the screen, right behind the corpse and the rock). 
Don't go into the desert. When you reach the screen
with the dried out canal go up. After the woman runs
away go down the stairs into the building. Wait
until the mule drinks the water and then you drink
it[drink water]. Go back outside. Now you are supposed 
to go one screen up. You will appear in front of 
Jerusalem. Click up to go into the city.

You will find yourself in front of the Zion gate, with 
five scoundrels guarding it. Give money to the boss.
Give him 5 coppers coins(each for one of his men).
Go left. Be careful not to fall down. Now go up.
Just travel until you reach the Jaffa Gate. When 
Yasser asks you for money you can give it to him or 
scare him away by drawing you sword, because he is a 
thief. Pass through the gate. When you appear on a 
new screen another thief will take all your 
money(aarghhh!). After that, talk with the man that is 
standing in front of you[talk to Mohammed]. He will 
show an interest in your mule(not in that way!). Sell 
it to him[sell mule]. Write down how each coin is 
called in Jerusalem. Explore the city and get to know 
with the people. Every time you approach one simply 
input [talk to man]. Find the relics merchant(Ismail) 
and ask him about the Grail[ask about grail]. You will 
discover he doesn't have it(that would be too easy). 
Find the woman with the apples. Buy one[buy apple].
Give her money[give money]. One gold coin exactly to
get the apple which gives you the spell of truth. 
Through this apple all the merchants will share their 
problems with you. First go to Tariq(left from the girl 
with the apples) and talk to him[talk to tariq]. Now go 
to Achmed(he lives in Caupona Inn). Knock on the 
door[knock]. He will tell you about the feud with Tariq 
and the broom. Go back to Tariq and ask him about the 
oath[ask about oath]. He will tell you something about 
a certain relic. Ask him about the relic[ask about 
relic] and the saint of the relic[ask about saint]. 
After this, find the relics merchant and buy the 
relic[buy relic]. When he asks you about the saint type 
in ELZER. Give him money[give money], exactly one gold 
coin. Return to Tariq and give him the relic[give relic]. 
He will give you a broom. Go with the broom to Achmed. 
Knock on the Caupona Inn door and give it to him[give 
broom]. You can enter the Inn or not. I'm not sure how 
this effects the final score. Again, go to Tariq and ask 
him about his shop[ask about shop]. He will tell you 
that he trades with herbs, among other things. Buy the 
herb[buy herb] with one silver coin. Give him what he 
asked[give money]. Go to the fish monger(Hayyam) and 
talk with him. He will tell you how the smell of his 
shop annoys the neighbors. Therefore, give him the 
herb[give herb]. Go to the women right from the TEXTILE 
shop that makes felafels(Sarah). Buy one felafel[buy 
felafel]. Give her one copper coin[give money]. Approach 
the boy and give him the felafel fast[give felafel]. 
Talk with the felafel women. She will tell you how she 
would like to eat lamb. Find the butcher now(right next 
to relics shop) and buy some lamb meat for 
Sarah[buy lamb]. Give him money[give money], 6 copper 
coins exactly. Go back to Sarah give lamb to 
her[give lamb]. Talk now with the textile 
merchant[talk to man]. Go across the street to Mohammed 
and call for Mari[call mari]. Ask her about the 
veil[ask about veil]. Now go to FICTILIA store(left 
from the fish monger) and buy a mirror[buy mirror]. 
Give him money[give money], 2 silver coins. Go back 
to Mari and call her again[call mari]. Throw her the 
mirror[throw mirror]. When she throws you the veil go 
back to the textile merchant and give the veil to 
him[give veil]. Find the grain merchant(right from the 
fish monger). Buy some grain[buy grain]. Give him 3 
copper coins[give money]. Find the beggar and talk to 
him[talk to man]. Go to Tariq(the herb guy) and buy 
some charcoal from him[but charcoal]. Give him 2 copper 
coins[give money]. Go back to beggar and give the coal 
to him[give charcoal]. Go now to Mohammed's house, 
approach the bird cage and throw some grain 
around[throw grain]. After talking with Ione, the girl 
with the birds, go to the apple lady and talk to 
her[talk to woman]. She will give you an apple and tell 
you to go to Fatima. Go to the house with a star and a 
moon and knock on the door[knock]. Enter the house. 
Talk to Fatima [talk to woman] and when she presents 
her offer, say no[no]. After the second offer say no 
again[no]. Talk to Fatima again[talk to Fatima]. Ask 
her about the test[ask about test]. Give her all 
your money[give purse]. Pass through the door in the 
upper-right corner of the room. Now a really difficult 
test follows. You have six slots and six tablets to 
put into these slots. On each tablet a symbol of a 
goddess is carved in. You got the meanings of symbols 
from Al-Sirat in Gaza. When you click in an empty slot 
a fact about a goddess will appear and you need to 
input the corresponding goddess into that slot. With 
some knowledge of mythology and a lot of crazy luck 
you can solve this. I had both so here is the solution 
for all the facts:

In the ancient language....VESTA
Her major festival....CERES
In Greek, her name....CERES
The Israelites burned incense....ASTARTE
Her priests and servants were....ISIS
She was the patron....ATHENE
The element of brimstone....ATHENE
She is the guardian of home and earth....VESTA
King Solomon built a....ASTARTE
She gave birth to the sun.....ISIS
She was renowned for her wisdom....ATHENE
She was renowned as the Lawgiver....CERES
One of her most important shrines....VENUS
She is the guardian of grains....CERES
Her sacred element is copper....VENUS
To the Romans she was known as....CERES
Her priestesses were famous....ASTARTE
To the Egyptians....ISIS
Mirrors are considered....VENUS
Her sacred day is Friday....VENUS
She was earlier known as a Goddess....ATHENE
The yearly flood of the Nile....ISIS
She was the Goddess of Byblos....ASTARTE
She was known to the Romans as Hestia....VESTA
Another title for her....ISIS
The name of her major temple....ATHENE
She is the guardian of Innermost Things....VESTA
Her sacred fire was tended....VESTA
Among her other names....ASTARTE
Her hearth fire is thought....VESTA
The morning star....VENUS
According to Greek legends....ATHENE
Her sacred women were....CERES
She had a great shrine in Aphaca....ASTARTE
The Romans knew her by the name....VENUS

When you set all the tablets properly press F6.
You will be back in Fatima's room. You can ask her
about the catacombs and the hierophant if you like.
When you appear on the street again all you need to
do is to go across the street and talk with the beggar
[talk to man]. Ask him to open the catacombs[open the

After you enter the catacombs your goal is to find
Galahad. These instructions doesn't need to be
followed to the point, but this is the shortest path. 
Go up, then right(right passage in that room; not 
relative to the Arthurç—´ direction!). In the next 
room you need to take the necklace from the 
mummy[use sword to take the necklace]. Generally, 
it's not advisable to approach the mummies because 
of the rats. After taking the necklace go right. 
After being biten by a rat give the elixir to 
Galahad[give elixir]. Now go left, up and up. I 
this room there is a chest. Approach it and look 
inside. Take the golden apple[take apple]. Next, go 
right then down. Give the statue the golden 
apple[give golden apple]. After talking with the 
statue she will give you a set of six questions 
about Aphrodite. When a statue asks a question 
you need to type in the answer. If you give a wrong 
answer the statue continues on the next question but 
returns to the unanswered one. If you can't answer 
on any of the questions you should go back down and 
then return(like with the riddle stone). A new set of 
six questions will generate. These are the answers on 
some of the questions. Repeat the procedure of 
returning until you can answer all six.

Where did Pygmalion live?...cyprus

In the kingdom of fauna, what represents fertility 
and it is sacred to Aphrodite?...dove

In the kingdom of flora, what represents fertility 
and it is sacred to Aphrodite?

To what people was the Goddess well known as 

Who ended the dispute between Aphrodite and 
Persephone over Adonis?...zeus

What is Aphrodite's sacred number?...six

What is the name of the King who was father to 

Upon what did Hippolytus ride to go to 
the hunt?...chariot

Whose company did Pygmalion distain?...women

Whom did Aphrodite love that was killed by a 

What did Aphrodite give to the statue to 
reward Pygmalion?

Whom did Pygmalion worship?...aphrodite

Who did Aphrodite make fall in love with Hippolytus 
after he scorned the Goddess?...stepmother

Who fell in love with Adonis and refused to release 
him from the Underworld?...persephone

Who transformed into a boar and killed Adonis?...ares

When you answer all the questions the statue will
tell you how to leave the catacombs without getting
trapped. I this moment, three passages will appear
in her room. The instructions of the statue are:
you should use the lodestone[use lodestone] which
tells you where the north is. To avoid mistakes
this is the path(it starts in the room with the
statue): up, up, left, right, left(a new entrance)
and finally left(not right; that's a trap). When 
you enter the final room all doors will close but
a secret passage will appear on the left side of the
room. Go through that passage.

In the temple you need to meet with the Saracen.
It doesn't matter how, but the following way will to. 
Go left, down, and then right. When the Saracen 
throws a helmet eat the apple[eat apple] and take the 
helmet[take helmet]. Now the battle with the Saracen 
starts(an arcade part of the game). Keys 8, 5 and 2 
are used to control the shield, while keys 9, 6, 3 
or 7, 4, 1(if the Saracen is on the right) for 
controlling the sword. You mustn't swing with the 
sword too much because you will get tired very fast. 
It's also smart to use the shield. After you kill the
Saracen, got to the place with the stairs and the
spiral. Use the dove there[use dove]. After the
Aphroditeç—´ monologue go right. The grail is under
the second pillar from down, counting only the
pillars with visible red edges. Approach that pillar
and push it[move pillar]. If you lost your count just
push all the pillars and you'll find the right one.
When you take out the Grail a dirty thief will steal
it! Ack! Follow him to the opening with a rope. When 
he tries to climb the rope it will snap. In this moment 
you can take the Grail[take grail] or kill the thief 
with the sword[draw sword]. FYI, more SOUL points is
awarded for not killing him. Watch the end and enjoy
your accomplishment. More or less. You did resort to
using this walkthrough.

~ Lachie Dazdarian, August 2006.