Conquest: Frontier Wars

Conquest: Frontier Wars Cheats

Conquest: Frontier Wars cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Main Cheats
In game press [Enter] and enter phrase (all phrases are case-sensetive!) "Give the sushi to Sean" (w/o the quotes) to enable cheats (appropriate message must be displayed). After this press [Enter] and enter following phrases:

A winner is you! - Win Mission
I am evil Homer - Lose Mission
spacebridge - Unlock Missions
The Master Builders - Fast Build
Your chicks for free - Disable Building Costs
The Ultimate Doom - Destroy Player
If they could see me now - Remove Fog of War
I'll rip out your optics - Normal Fog of War
I can see clearly now - Clears Fog of Discovery
I want a raise - Gives Ore
Do you smell something? - Gives Gas
The courage of the fearless crew - Gives Crew
Some Great Reward - Max Out Resources