Conker's Pocket Tales review
Great Game, Great Graphics!

The good:

1. The graphics are excellent for such a game of its console.
2. Nice storyline
3. Many worlds, never gets boring.
4. Can get from a variety of different objects to fight with.
5. It all comes down to beating the Evil Acorn!

The bad:

1. Tough when trying to figure out things.
2. Hard to find presents and invites.
3. Only a one-player game.
4. Too many hidden objects.
5. False age group for game, needs to be older.


Conker's Pocket Tales is the very first in its series of games, both developed and published by Rareware. It was released in the U.S. on June 8th of 1999. Even though its an action genre type of game it's also very light-hearted and just fun for the younger ages.

When I first got the Conker's Pocket Tales, I personally thought it wasn't going to be anything special, but boy was I wrong. It's graphics were not only amazing for it's current handheld system at the time but the storyline was so great it made the game even more challenging and fun.

The story starts out with Berri, Conker's girlfriend, planning a surprise birthday party for him but when he gets there to blowout his candles the most scandalous of all monsters, the Evil Acorn comes and ruins it all. He snatches up all the presents and kidnaps Berri as well, hiding her and the presents everywhere throughout six different worlds. From here on Conker must find all of his presents, invitations, and most important of all, save his girlfriend Berri from the monstrous clutches of the Evil Acorn. After I watched this small some-what exciting cut-scene that started off Conker's Pocket Tales, it tended to lure me even further into this game's vortex making me want to play on and beat this game, I not only wanted to find presents but I wanted to find Conker's girlfriend Berri!

After this quick cut-scene Conker will appear back at his house ready to begin his adventure. But he won't be alone. He will have the help of many Acorn friends teaching him how to use certain items such as; a slingshot, swimming goggles, axe, stone hammer, and candle. Starting out with no weapons, Conker must first find something to defend himself against the many monsters these six worlds contain. So journey out, beyond Conkers home with the help of the Acorns to guide you in the right direction. If you do indeed listen to their instructions, in a matter of time Conker will have found his first weapon to defend himself with, the slingshot. Don't be worried, even though I was, if you haven't a clue on how to use this, the Acorns not only will have led you to it but they will also teach Conker the basics of using it. They will even lead you in your next direction, closer to finding Berria and the Evil Acorn. When I had first started out, because everything was so new to me the game was really challenging, I didn't know who I could attack or just talk to. But after many failed attempts I figured out that the Acorn people were on my side with this whole battle against the Evil Acorn. Once I knew I had their help, I was beginning to get much better at playing the game and it wasn't so challenging, so when starting out make sure you know these innocent accomplices are on your side.

Now that Conker has a clue of where to go next he will need to not only go there but to search for presents along the way. Getting presents will boost your Squirrel Ratings its the same with finding invitations as well. But make sure to not let off on this side job of finding invitations and presents because to reach the final battle Conker the Squirrel will have needed to find them all. I think everyone should really pay a lot of attention to these presents because I tried so hard to get closer to the final battle with the Evil Acorn but I never really figure out why I couldn't reach this destination. I soon figured out by talking to one of the Acorn people that I was actually suppose to find all of the invitations and presents. Not only did this make me very frustrated but it also made me not so willing to the beat game. So you should make sure to find all these items so that you can actually finish the game without becoming discouraged like me.

During his adventures Conker will come across many types of monsters, I recognized that most of these resembled actual animals to us in the real world, such as; bats, snakes, spiders, red spiders, birds, and fish. While to me there were also more out of this world type of monsters including; balloons, evil mushrooms, cactus's, brambles, and horribly hard bosses. Even though the monsters aren't actually terribly hard they made Conker's Pocket Tales a little more challenging to me, so make sure to not let the monsters become so challenging that they discourage you from beating the game. So will you make it while playing as this ferocious squirrel in the quests of saving his beloved girlfriend, Berri, from the wraths of the Evil Acorn, or will you be stopped in your tracks by one of his evil monsters?

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