Conker's Pocket Tales Cheats

Conker's Pocket Tales cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Defeating the first boss in Mushroom Town!
While fighting the first boss found in Mushroom Town move Conker so he is far down where the rock worm goes and as you stand there this boss will never hit him. When the boss comes by shoot him until he dies. You will not lose any life from him; just a few acorns from your slingshot.
Restore Energy
Save the game when low on health, then restart to resume with more energy.
Saving Glitch!
If you are playing your Conker's Pocket Tales game on a classic Game Boy portable right after a game has been saved after playing it on a Game Boy Color, that saved game file will automatically be deleted. So watch out for this fellow players!


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DK music
Without pausing, stop playing the game to hear the theme music from Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Country.
At the password entry screen enter to get everything:
How to get past the stone rocks.
After you've used the torch to distroy the very annoying bales of hay you will end up finding at the claw swamp a pixake to use on the stone rocks that also block your paths to special presents and invitations.

So once you have the pixake use it on all the stone rocks that ever come your way no longer will you be set behind in your adventures.
How to get past the Straws of Hay!
I have finally figured out how to get past these frustrating obstacles. Knowing how they are so annoying whenever you try and get past them you can't cause there just there blocking your way. Well I recently figured that once I had recieved the torch whenever I would walk up to the hay bale it would just fall apart and I could walk through.

So with this information I have come to discover that once you have the torch found at Krow Castle you can destroy these and move on in your adventure.
level select

At the password screen.
In Willow Woods, a present is:

Located on the left side of Conker's House
A gift from the Forest Guardian (after speaking with him for the first time)
Awarded after successfully completing the Windmill puzzle
Located on the right side of the Forest Guardian's house (it is the reward for beating the target practice game within the Windmill)
Located on the second floor of Forest Wong's house in Spooky Forest
A gift from the resident of the first house in Mushroom Village
Located in the adjoining room of the second house in Mushroom Village (it is the reward for completing puzzles in the first room)
Located in the southeast corner of the playing area by the whirlpool (it is the reward for defeating Histamean in Mushroom Village and for speaking with Evil Acorn)
Restore health
Save the game when low on health. Then reload saved game. (Note: If Game Boy loads a game that has been saved by Game Boy Color, the file will be deleted.)