Conker: Live and Reloaded review
Perfect, Just Perfect

The good:

Hilarious 1 player mode (CBD), Awesome multiplayer, Different character classes make for unbalance and special talents, XBox Live Enabled

The bad:

Cost $50


When I first played this, the first thought that came to my mind was, "This kicks the living crap outta Halo 2!" Everyone else probably will not agree but that's just you. If you want a helluva fun game that is at the very least more creative than Halo 2 than give this a rental before spendin that $50. What I love is the XBox Live where you can just rub a kill in the other person's face. Simply put, this game is just great. It takes a great deal of skill to get even one kill with some classes. For example, it is infinitely harder to snipe. You will be bad in the beginning even if you were great in Halo 2. Your view moves automatically unless you go prone, where you are an easy target but hard to see. There's a bit of unbalance with Demolishers, which can kill you in one shot and are incredibly easy to use. They can shoot themselves directly at their feet, kill the enemy next to them but barely hurting themselves. Oh well, somehow they fit in in this great game.

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