Condemned 2: Bloodshot Glitches

Bear Glitch
On the mission where you are chased by the bear, there is a glitch directly at the end of the chase. When you enter the room where you block the room entrance with the wardrobe, you see a wounded guy who has a shotgun with one shell left in it. When the bear approaches, normally you shoot when he says "now!" and the bear will fall on you, but you will clear that part. But if you delay your shot a little moment longer, you will see the glitch. With the glitch, it will seem as if the bear has killed you, but then you find him dragging you at the beginning of the next part (exactly what happens when you pass it). When everything then loads up, you can roam through the whole map of that level (like some sort of free roam where you search the map). A pretty weird glitch, but it's pretty cool at the same time.