Condemned 2: Bloodshot Easter eggs

Jake Pennington & Shawn Miller
First of all, this little hidden Easter Egg appears in the 5th level of the game (SCU Building). It's the mission with the autopsy at the beginning.

After Rosa leaves you in the MRI machine to take some scans. But you soon realise that she isn't there. Anyway if you've played the mission, you know what happens. When your mind plays tricks on you and you reach the part with the soldier, he asks what you are doing there.

Pay close attention to this part. He will tell you his name is "Agent Pennington". It's important you remember this name. When he opens the door for you, and you progress through, he shouts the name "Miller", who is probably his partner. Anyway, once you've remembered these names and you're back in the autopsy room with Rosa, she asks you to take the lift upstairs. As you get into the life, check the yellow note that is in it. If you take your camera, you'll see the two names 'Jake Pennington' and 'Shawn Miller', the two names from before. A pretty freaky, but interesting hidden Easter Egg in my opinion.