Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3) Cheats

Condemned 2: Bloodshot cheats, Trophys, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Anger ManagementComplete 10 emotional responses.
Beat CopComplete a mission.
Big-Game HunterTake out 10 enemies with the antler.
Final WordComplete first environmental finishing move.
GOOOAAAALLLL!Take out 5 enemies with the fooseball piece.
SleuthGet a Perfect score in a Forensic Event.
Self MedicatedNeed to heal yourself for 1000 points of health.
Decisive RestraintDon’t kill a single Museum Guard.
EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area)Successfully execute 25 environmental finishing moves.
BloodshotComplete missions 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 to unlock each new Fight Club.
FlambeTake out 10 enemies with the flask/taser fire attack.
InvestigatorComplete mission (dev challenge mode).
The PlumberTake out 50 enemies with the pipe.
Can You Hear Me Now?All oro speakers destroyed.
Chain GangSuccessfully execute each attack chain 5 times.
DetectiveComplete mission (FPS mode).
Master InvestigatorEarn the maximum amount of investigator points for all forensic sequences.
TrooperComplete all missions (any difficulty).
Tune In TokyoCollect all TVs in each mission.
SKXKill 9 unique players with the Serial Killer reward.
Chief InvestigatorComplete all missions (dev challenge mode).
Detective/First GradeComplete all missions (FPS mode).
Gold-PlatedGet the gold badge for every mission in any difficulty level.
Brick WallComplete 5 successful blocks.
Just The FactsCrime Scene: Collect the evidence 10 times.
Punch-DrunkKill 10 Players with fists only.
SidekickAssist in scanning evidence in Crime-Scene Mode.
Ala ModePlay 5 games in all MP modes.
CollectorSuccessfully collect the evidence (as SCU) 5 times in Crime Scene mode.
DefenderSuccessfully defend the evidence (as Infected) 10 times in Crime Scene mode.
MagellinPlay each MP map 5 times.
Rush ChampBum Rush: Eliminate the SCU 5 times.
Bum KingSurvive Bum Rush match without firing a single shot as SCU 5 times.
Cut-ThroatPerform 25 finishing moves.
Restraint (Not)Win as SCU without firing a shot 10 times.
Survivor KingBum Rush: Survivor (SCU) 5 Times.
MP OverachieverWin a DM match (with at least 15 kills) without dying.
Serial KillerKill 1000 players in MP.


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Unlockable Modes
UnlockableHow to unlock
First Person Shooter ModeTo unlock this, simply finish the game. Select the mode for any mission, and you will get unlimited ammo as well.


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bonus items
Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding item:

Mission 1: Silver brass knuckles
Mission 2: Silver bullet proof vest
Mission 3: Gold taser 5 shots
Mission 4: Holster
Mission 5: Rubber soles
New Combat System Hint
Are you having trouble adapting to the new combat system? Do you find that enemies are just killing your character every time you come up to a combat battle? Are you losing a lot of Ethan's health when fighting? - Not to worry.

I had several troubles with this too at the beginning. It was making me dislike the game in fact. What's really important is, to use the block feature. The best thing to do is, keep hold of your block until you enemy attacks. Straight after your enemy attacks, throw a punch right back at him, and go back into your block. Repeat this a few more times and you should have no troubles defeating your enemy and keeping your health at a nice high.
Quick killing enemies!
To make battle easy for you, sprint towards your enemy and press attack button!
They will hold their nose for short time, giving you chance of striking them with a strong attack! Do sprint attacks again and again to ease up your battle!
Tip for Molotovs!
When you have molotov in your hand and there or more enemies in front of you, let them come close to each other. When they are close to each other(as a group), throw your molotov cocktail!

All of them will get on fire instead of one!


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Bear Glitch
On the mission where you are chased by the bear, there is a glitch directly at the end of the chase. When you enter the room where you block the room entrance with the wardrobe, you see a wounded guy who has a shotgun with one shell left in it. When the bear approaches, normally you shoot when he says "now!" and the bear will fall on you, but you will clear that part. But if you delay your shot a little moment longer, you will see the glitch. With the glitch, it will seem as if the bear has killed you, but then you find him dragging you at the beginning of the next part (exactly what happens when you pass it). When everything then loads up, you can roam through the whole map of that level (like some sort of free roam where you search the map). A pretty weird glitch, but it's pretty cool at the same time.

Easter eggs

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Jake Pennington & Shawn Miller
First of all, this little hidden Easter Egg appears in the 5th level of the game (SCU Building). It's the mission with the autopsy at the beginning.

After Rosa leaves you in the MRI machine to take some scans. But you soon realise that she isn't there. Anyway if you've played the mission, you know what happens. When your mind plays tricks on you and you reach the part with the soldier, he asks what you are doing there.

Pay close attention to this part. He will tell you his name is "Agent Pennington". It's important you remember this name. When he opens the door for you, and you progress through, he shouts the name "Miller", who is probably his partner. Anyway, once you've remembered these names and you're back in the autopsy room with Rosa, she asks you to take the lift upstairs. As you get into the life, check the yellow note that is in it. If you take your camera, you'll see the two names 'Jake Pennington' and 'Shawn Miller', the two names from before. A pretty freaky, but interesting hidden Easter Egg in my opinion.