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Loud noises, amazing detail, great gaming


When I first heard about Company of Heroes, it was many a year ago, and I had been rather dismissive of it at. Eventually I found a free copy of the game, and decided to pop in in and see what the fuss was about. My only regret was not playing this game sooner. Yet again, I found myself in love with a RTS game.

Haven't heard of CoH? Well, in 2006, THQ and Relic released this game, which follows the events of World War II, as the player commands one of two companies throughout the single player campaign.

The first thing that stood out was the immense detail in the graphics. Now of course, grap...


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The good:

- Stunning graphics
- Amazing sound effects
- Innovative gameplay; like no other RTS out there that I know.
- Action packed
- Mod packs provide with the possibility of more varied game play, and potentially longer shelf-life as well as play time for the game.
- Tactical overhead map is a brilliant and most useful addition once you get used to it.
- Don't need CD to play (but need CD key to install and play online)

Played at the highest detail settings, CoH has an incredible amount of detail. Coupled with the unique tactical strategy, this is really one of the best RTS games to come out in a while (including the likes of AOE III, Civ IV and others, although each of these shouldn't be compared as they are all different types of strategy games.)

The bad:

- Painfully slow loading times.
[edit] - After recent patches, loading times have been much improved.
- Not a lot of players playing ranked games online, although it is possible to find games to join. (The Relic online service will require lots of tweaking before it reaches the potential this game has to offer in terms of mplay.)
[edit] - This has also been somewhat improved by the recent patches.
- Game length is kind of long. To play a single game you need to put aside up to an hour, and usually no less than 20-30 min.


(Note: I have not played the campaign, and do not intend to. Consequently, the following review is based on Skirmish games vs the computer at all four difficulty levels and a few hours online mplay.)

The first thing that struck me when I loaded up the CoH tutorial are the graphics this game has to offer. For a fully 3D environment, the texture detail is fantastic. As units engage in combat, mortar shells and tanks blast at infantry squads, and AT guns target the tanks, you can clearly see shrapnel, and the bodies of your infantry being blast up several feet into the air, their bodies f...

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