Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC) Cheats

Command & Conquer: Red Alert cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Fight against giant ants!
Hold down the left shifty and left click the speaker on the right hand corner of the game. You can begin to fight with the giant, man-eating ants!


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faster cruiser
select the cruiser and the transport ship together, and name it F5 (Press crtl+f+5) It should go faster.
Get a Grenader tell him to throw a Grenade in the middle of the screen.

Move screen to enemy before Grenade lands to hit enemy from far away
sell vehicles
Tell the vehicle to move onto your repair facility and keep your sell cursor on the vehicle, the sell icon will turn green and click when it does so. If done correctly then you will have sold the unit and got that extra bit of cash to build that mammoth tank
Start with 20 medium tanks.
When the game's loading type XPEINA518 and you will start with 20 medium tanks!