Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Easy win on last allied mission "Chrono Storm"
When establishing the base, train a great number of G.I.s and order them to deploy on each of the four entrances. Do it first on the two entrances down the base, because later you will have to prevent the tanks on which the iron curtain is activated, from entering the base. Build two airforce command headquarters and 8 harriers, then order them to destroy the nuclear missile silo, then the iron curtain device. Build a chronosphere and some mirage tanks, and teleport them to the Kremlin, where they will easily destroy the black apocalypse tanks due to their mirage technology. After that, do the same with some prism tanks, because the mirage tanks are ineffective against buildings. They will easily destroy the remaining turrets and flak cannons; Tanya will be teleported with an IFV Tank, she will enter the Kremlin, and the mission is complete!