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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Best defence on Certain levels-Campaign
Look for a level where you are disconnected from the rest of the map by Bridges, destroy both bridges and make tons of Anti Air around your base AND walls,and if they keep rebuilding the bridge make this formation
Main tanks=T
IFV With engineer=E(allied only)

E can be replaced with any tank you wish,
use apocalypse/IFV to take out a ROW of the bridge
(dont take out to much it might kill your units)
and T is mainly for protection E though is better on Allied cause of Repair
Note: this may not work if your Anti-Air has cracks in it cause enemy's will send Air units dampening your defense ALSO the best defense is..

Cliffs.like walls but Cant destroy
Water.look up
Walls of units: depending on the unit type or variations of units these can and sometimes cant be effective,

Last but not Least hint is, if you have an allied enemy or soviet with allied techno make shure to build dogs or if you can.have some IFV's with Dogs in em *they track for spies in the car* and the best defence against super weapons is destroying their Energy,or weaken em enough so they sell it if its a CPU