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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Quick and easy last mission (allies)
The best way to deal with that annoying nuke is quickly build 10-15 Chrono Legionnaires. Get a Spy satellite up as well, so you can see where to send them. Send them after the nuke reactors, taking out 6 of the 7 will drop their power. There is one lone one on the left side of the map, forget about that one, just concentrate on the ones that are paired. Start on the right side, at the two that are by themselves on the island. Then move to the ones on the left of the Kremlin, but make sure you hop outside of the walls, giving the Legionnaires time to recover. You can take out the Nuke as well, if it makes you feel better, but they won't replace their nuke reactors after they disappear.

Then send them after the Black Guard. By this time, the Tesla coil will be out, so send them in directly under the Kremlin, between the two guns. Take those out, then take out a pair of Apocalypses, then the other.

Super easy, I did this just now, they never got a nuke off, and finished in 38 minutes (out of 2:10 limit).