: : : : : : : Destroy Psychic Beacon Easily!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Destroy Psychic Beacon Easily!
Allied Mission 3: Hail to the Chief
Objective: Destory Psychic Beacon

Don't bother about those IFVs, put them outside of your base to defend. Build 2 Air Force Command Headquarters, and also build 8 Harriers. Then use first 4 Harriers to find the Psychic Beacon. Rebuild Harries if they get destroyed. Next, use the second 4 Harriers and start destroying that building. As the same thing, rebuild Harriers if they get destroyed. Don't bother those anti-aircraft weapon. Repeat those steps until Psychic Beacon is destroyed. If you are fast enough, you should get it destroyed in 5 minutes!