Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Tip for last level of Allied Campaign
In the last level of Allied Campaign, where you have to get rid of Romanov's defenses there is an easy way of getting rid of his elite apocalypse.
Firstly you need a Chronosphere, then when the Chronosphere is ready put the bubble in between any pair of apocalypse and teleport them into water and both of them will get sunk. Do the same for the other pair. For the Flak Cannons and everything else use Chrono legionaires but if you don't wanna lose any just get rid of the black nuclear reactors. After you do this Romanav's Tesla Coils will not work. But watch out for the Sentry guns or else your Chrono legionaires will die! And don't teleport them from your base directly to the Kremlin or they will take a lot of time to be in motion. Good luck!