Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Soviet Campaign best defence (Level 7)
A safe and easy way of defeating the Allies in sort of a jiffy when they arrive.
As soon as this course starts. Train 10 guard dogs and send two on patrol were infantry always comes. Order your fastest moving unit to stop at were all these people gather around this black statue(located on the west of the mini map). Mean while, you should have finish building a war factrory and walls surrounding the battle lab with 2-4 flak tracks patrolling aound it to stop harriers and rocketteers. Your soviet advisor should come in transmission and she will order you to destroy this pickup truck with two weird black boxes and it will drive around the civilians. Destroy it and the map will be revealed. Build lots of war miners and make a lot of rhino tanks instead of tesla coils and apocalyse.
So no more hard time guarding the battle lab.