: : : : : : : Allied campaign cheap win (level 7 - Deep sea)

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Allied campaign cheap win (level 7 - Deep sea)
In this level, an island is invaded and they make a nuclear silo. But there is a way to assure your victory mere minutes into the game.

Immediately, start building rockeeters After you get about 4-5 rockeeters, make harriers if you like. Send them to the island the soviets just invaded.

Lol, whats this, the only air defenses they have is naval, so they can't reach you. Attack the MCV/Construction yard, if all was done right they won't deploy anything more threatening then a power plant. You have to wait until they would normally deploy the nuclear power plant until you get the mission accomplished screen, but since they can make no units, and only have naval units, you have already won.

Mod Note: Another player, 007bradz, has this advice accompanying this cheat:

"Don't ONLY build rocketeers since the Soviets will send naval units into Pearl Harbour (your base) so its best to make about a dozen Destroyers and combine them with your current sea units and send them to the mouth (south of the Air Force Command) its also a good idea to put some IFV's to the very bottom of your base to shoot down the missiles from dreadnoughts."