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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

how to get kirov airships from allies
it takes some micro-management, but when done successfully, it can rip out an enemy within seconds. first, have a spy infiltrate a soviet battle lab, so you can create yuri commandos (they can control ground units and C4 buildings). create a few of them (preferably 5) and send them near a soviet war factory that is creating kirovs. although kirovs fly, the moment that the are created and rise up, they are vulnerable to mind-control. so let the yuris wait close to the war factory, and when a kirov is made, it'll immedately fall under your control, (let the remaining yuris defend from atttacks). this is devestating for a base, sonce the kirovs bombs will take out everything, being so close to the base. however, watch out for attacks against your yuri and AA defenses around the base