Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Engineer Rush
This is a quick way of gaining the technology of the other countries.
First, build lots of engineers(about fifty of them)select them all send all of them to the enemy's
con yard.(make sure the conyard has no walls around it). While running towards the base, the enemy will attack your engineers one by one making the work of the ones in the back a walk in the park. there's nothing to worry since you have lots of them. when the conyard is already yours. transform the conyard into the mobile form and RUN FOR YOUR FREAKIN' LIVES!!!! When you reach your base transform the conyard back into the bulding form and "VOILA" you have the technologies,bildings, and units of both soviet and allied forces.this tactic is performed and tested but its success depends on the defence of the opposing force. the higher the defence the lower the posibility of getting the tech.