Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

uLtImAtE dEfEnCe
ok,first of all pick iraq for your team and then build power plants all around your base then build pill boxes around them twice.

Then build prism towers around them once.

Make sur you have done it like this correctly or it may fail and allow anyone to come and destroy your base.

Build a war factory and build 10 appocalypses build a radar and then go around looking for the computers base 2-8 doesnt matter and your base will be fine.Take home base thing out firt so they cant build anything then take out the barracks and if they have a war factory take it out you will probaly lose about 4 tanks and injure 2 but therfore you have one within like 5minutes or less.
I have finshed every mission by doing so.and i just play skirmish now but it gets boring because i win all the time.

HaVe FuN fInIsHiNg ThE gAmE