Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

When you reach allied mission five: Dark night, there are a few patrols around that can be quite helpful. First, have your 3 GI's guard your spies from dogs. Next, send Tanya north a little, then east towards the cliffs. you'll find a barn first, then a house. (kill the guards) Continue east to recue a small GI patrol. There's more survivers too. Once you've broken into the Soviet base (by the way, detonate the petrol cans on the west side of the base to avoid the tesla coils) with the battle lab, use the petrol cans by the barracks on the east side of the base to bust the wall. move through the opening up a small ramp. move south to find some engineers and some GI's. use the engineers to capture the barracks and the refinery. get an engineer from the captured barracks to steal the war factory and build a war miner. Next, build a ton of tanks to help you with the mission. Good luck!