Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Chrono Ivans
Listen up this is awesome. Everyone knows how to get the Commandos right, you know, sending a spy into a battle lab. Well that will only get you the regular commandos (Chrono and PSI). An even cooler commando is the Crono Ivan, it combines soviet and allied technology into one guy. To get him, you must have both types of factories with battle labs and everything. Yea, that is hard to do, but maybe you will get lucky and find a few crates like I did. Or you can just take over an enemy base if you are playing more than just 1 v 1. Anyways, once you have both types of factories, you cannot waste the opportunity of getting an Ivan chrono. When I did it, I sent a spy into an allied base, so maybe there is something different if you send one into a soviet base, but to get to the point they are awesome. They cost 1000. A full 1000 less than chrono commando, and they are destructive. Buy a lot and get them close to your enemy without them shooting, so thier chrono respawn time isnt long, then go all out. I sent around 15 into a base and they planted a bomb on everything, and my friend had to sit and watch the bombs blow. Try it.