: : : : : : : *Allied* The greatest defence of all time

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Cheats

*Allied* The greatest defence of all time
Find an opening to your base, particularly a slope or bridge. Build power plants up to the opening so that you can build defence there. Start with a wall of Pill boxes then behind that, prism towers and finish off behind that with a wall. Make sure you leave a gap for ore trucks to pass through. With this defence no enemy can even get close to your base.
w=wall, x=Pill Boxes, y=prism towers

w w w w w w w
w y y y y y
w y x x x w
w y x y w

Moderator Note: superlegendaryfart has pointed out that there are no air defenses listed here. That makes this defense vulnerable to air attacks, while sill seemingly being great against all land attacks.