Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Prevent The Enemy From Attacking You
This only works on cold war map.
To prevent the enemy from attacking you, get a tanya or a crazy ivan. Go to the bridge hut, put a bomb on it. That takes care of the first one, now put a bomb on the other and presto! The enemy can't attack you.
Repair the bridge when you want to attack. Destroy the bridge again after all your stuff passes it.
Careful, your enemy can nuke/storm your base. So build a chopper and train tanya. Take tanya to the enemy base and blow up the nuke silo/weatherstorm.
Too bad soviets don't have helicopters or a hero unit.
be sure and keep a long ranged defence right by the hut. so engineers dont get to repair the bridge.

So this tip is VERY useful especially when it comes to a very large attack with lots of dangerous stuff. This is very annoying to other players.