Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Yuri Bunkers
This Soviet defensive tactic will work very well against computer opponents. I have never tested it against human players, though, so I doubt it will be as effective in multiplayer.

The "Yuri Bunker" is basically three Yuris inside a closed 3 x 3 wall. If you use the walled barracks+cloning vats cheat, then this type of defense will set you back only $400. If you choose to build the Yuri Bunker with a flak cannon for an anti-air anti-land defense, it will cost you $1400. STILL cheaper than the Tesla coil. The advantage of the Yuri bunker against computer opponents is that it will almost NEVER BE ATTACKED. This means that the computer's units will roll by and be mind-controlled, causing chaos within their own lines. It can also be built farther away from your base than the Tesla coil.

Wall your barracks shut and build the cloning vats. You will now have infantry for free. Now built a 3 x 3 square wall where you want your Yuri Bunker to be, but don't close up the wall yet. Build three Yuris (four if you believe that they'll fit) and make them go to the same point inside your 3 x 3 "cell". Once they are inside, close up the wall and build a flak cannon behind it if desired. Your Yuri Bunker is invulnerable to British Snipers, Tanyas, Desolators, Tesla troopers (up to veteran only), and all other manner of military units that can't penetrate through walls.

Attack with Warminers. Simple as that. Yuris cannot mind-control harvesters.