Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Types of IFVs (+1)
MachineGun IFV: The Standard IFV that is equipped with a fast-fire machinegun.To get a MachineGun IFV you can put a Tanya, G.I., Spy or Conscript in the IFV.

Repair IFV: An IFV used for vehicle repair.To get a Repair IFV you must put an engineer into the IFV.

Crazy Ivan IFV: A make-shift Demolition Truck. To get a Crazy Ivan IFV, you must put a Crazy Ivan in the IFV.

Yuri/Yuri Prime IFV: An anti-infantry IFV that, if ordered to, will attack infantry with a psychic barrier.To get a Yuri/Yuri Prime IFV you must put a Yuri or Yuri Prime into the IFV.

Legionaire IFV: An IFV that can warp enemy units and buildings out of time and space.The beam doesn't get any stronger than it is with a normal Chrono Legionaire.To get a Legionaire IFV you must put a Chrono Legionaire in the IFV.

Sniping IFV: A long-range anti-infantry IFV that can snipe enemy infantry from afar.To get a Sniping IFV you must put a Sniper in the IFV.

Chrono Ivan IFV:Just like the Crazy Ivan IFV, but when the Chrono Ivan IFV explodes it releases a radiation that poisons the land it exploded on. Of course any infantry and light-armored vehicles that enters the radiation will lose health and eventually die.To get a Crazy Ivan IFV you must put a Chrono Ivan in the IFV.