: : : : : : : Fun destruction, defence against aircraft and command cows

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Fun destruction, defence against aircraft and command cows
To do the first cheat you need to play as soviet. Build an MCV and begin building a neculear power plant. Send your MCV into the outscirts of a enemy base deploy it, then deploy the neculear reactor next to it. Build several more as well. Then re-deploy the MCV ad drive it back to your base, or just sell it! Then wait for your enemy to start to destroy it. They will be killed in the blast. The good thing is that the blast will not destroy the other reactors. So the meyhem continues!!!!!

Ever wondered over a cheap solution to anti-aircraft. Use the IFV. They fire shots twice as fast and they are also cheaper. When they become elite they will be a unstoppable barrier of fire to your enemies.

On one of the first missions of the allied campain, the one in Poland, you get a message, "Bovie Rescued." These are cows! You can command the cows in front of you. Use these to recon the area around the Tesla coils. They are seen as being neutral and will not be shot at exept by one man. this man is in the top base and has a peosonal vendetta against them! I have used this cheat to do this mission, it really works!