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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Engineer & Rocketeer rush (online)
When your online go to your profile go to quick match choose any country (allied or soviet dosnt matter.) SOVIET RUSH: change the connection to fast build unitl you get a barracks get 4 engineers then war facotry build a flack track while its building get an radar then put them in the flack track then go diagonal to you the enemy is ALWAYS diagonal to you unless your doing little big lake and pinch point.) go to there base take over construction yard, war factory, barrcks and ore refinary if u cant concentrate for the consruction yard >> same method with allied except only get 3 engineers and 3 IFV's take ober construction yard barrcks war factory asnd barracks what i do is just kill the rest of the bas ewith the 3 IFV's