Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Behind Enemy Lines
For the second last Allied Mission in Red Alert 2, where the enemy has three nuclear silos, you can prevent them from firing by using this trick. Build an Amphibious Transport and 3-5 spies. Order the spies to disguise themselves as enemy units and load them into the transport. Use a Chronosphere and teleport them right into their base (beside the nuclear silos). They will destroy the transport but they won't kill your spies inside because they're disguised (don't except this trick to work against a human player). You can reset the nuclear silo launch time if you wish or you can steal credits from the enemy refineries or you can wander around or you can shut off the power and reset the radar to support an attack or you can send them into Barracks, War Factories... (the Soviet Battle Lab is surrounded by sand bags). You should build a Spy Satellite first to make sure you don't land the transport near a pack of lonely dogs. You can stop the nuclear silos from firing as long as you can sacrifice the money to build a transport and spies (I prefer losing money than getting hit by three nukes). You can also delay time and build up your strike force and before attacking, use spies to shut off power, reset radar. This trick works in all missions against the computer, but for Christ's sakes, look out for attack dogs and don't forget to disguise the spies before loading them!!! The computer may get suspicious if you use this trick a hundred times or if you try something too fancy (saying hello to man's best friend with a disguised spy), it may even trap your spies in place by placing dozens of tanks and soldiers around them. But plan well and you'll have a crush on spies.