Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

invincible bridge blocker
(this strategy can only work with the allied forces)first of all prepare your units for this you will need
x6 mechanics
x3 infantry / tanya (tanya will fire faster but it does'nt really matter because the enemy will be over whelmed)
and finally x12 i.f.v

take the first 3 i.f.v's and fill them with your infantry and place them on the front rank of the bridge , second fill 6 of the remaining i.f.v's with mechanics, take 3 of them and line them up directly behind the front rank then line the plain i.f.v's behind them and the last 3 repair i.f.v's at the back.
now when the enemy trys to cross the bridge they shall be destroyed whilst your blockade is totally unharmed ,safe from air & land attack and able to be repaired if hit