: : : : : : : Cheap Defence in soviets second last mission

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Cheap Defence in soviets second last mission
First of all when the mission starts send your tanks/and conscripts ahead of your base you will see a tesla coil and two flak cannons around it and there will be 2 russian power plants destroy tesla coil and flak cannon
and capture the power plants and make tesla recoarters in the sides of the mountain make tesla coil many as possible and charge all tesla recoarters with three tesla tropers and waila! they can't be able to walk in your base
Problems of kirov air ships:
To destroy kirov air ships make alot of Flak cannons where you build your Tesla coils and make plenty of flak troppers and flak cannons and when the kirov comes don't send your flak forces out of moutain so the tell your flak forces to destroy kirov's when it is in their fireing range.