Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Soviet Strategies: Continued
V3 Rush, Any map

1. Build 3-4 tesla reactors
2. Barracks
3. Ore Refinary, 5-12 conscripts, 5 attack dogs
4. Radar
5. War Factory
6. Three V3 rocket trucks
7. Send in a single attack dog to scope out his base, then hit (in these priorities)
1. Superweapons
2. Base Defences
3. Barracks/War Factory
4. ConYard
5. Ore Refinary
8. Send in your tanks, followed by dogs then conscripts. And voila! His whole base should be gone in 5 minutes!

Base Planning/How to survive attacks
-If you like to prolongue your death, put a weak unit such as a conscript out of your base. The enemy will comb the map looking for him. Great fun to watch!
-You should build (in this order)
1. 3-4 Tesla Reactors
2. Barracks, Tesla Towers, sentry guns, and flak cannons strategically placed around your base
3. Ore Refinary, 5-12 conscripts, 4 attack dogs, and 5 tesla troopers (or replace the dogs with desolators if you like to play Iraq, they dominate)
4. Radar
5. War Factory
6. Battle Lab, another miner
7. Build a Nuclear plant, sell your reactors, then build a superweapon
8. Kirov's, another miner
9. V3 Rocket Trucks
10. Tanks
11. Cloning Facility
12. Conscripts, Flak Troops, Yuris, anything!
It will save your life.

-Killing the enemy in YOUR base (also a really good way to save your backside)
First of all, sell your nuclear ractor. It is too great a danger to leave it sitting there in massive combat, as after it takes a few bullets, BOOM!
Second, remember to protect your base at all costs. Conscripts trained, Kirov's rebuilt, but a ConYard cannot, at all costs, be lost.
Lastly, try not to damage your own base. It might not be a good idea, for example, to go on a bombing rampage just to kill a coupla' G.I.'s.

Cracking into bases: The ultimate guide

-Blitzerkrieg Version 2.1
1. Send in a nuke.
2. Bomb defenses with Kirov's.
3. Hit them with V3s.
4. Hit 'em with a tank rampage.
5. Send in the Attack Dogs (optional).
5.5. Send in something that goes boom
6. Send in your conscripts, flak troops, and weak armoured vehicles. Desolators rock.
7. Send in Ivans and Engineers. Ivans to blow everything up, and engineers to take battle labs, ConYards, etc., although generally I destroy my opponent's conyard, it is too great a danger to keep it standing.

-City Under Siege
1. Build a Cloning Facility (in your default base)
2. Send in a moving base (not your default).
3. Set up on the ore closest to the other guy's base.
4. Crack up an Ore Refinary
5. A barracks, War Factory
6. Do as best as you can to wall up your ConYard
7. Build some V3s, blast his defenses, run up into the base with ground troops. CONQUER ALL!

-Wall of Iron
1. Build as many tanks as possible, and as many conscripts and flak troops and tesla troops (and desolators) as possible.
2. Charge in with a single Kirov, blow what you can
3. Send in your tanks to mop up the rest
4. Send in conscripts, tesla and flak to keep whatever your tanks cannot hold at bay
5. Send in some engineers, take the important buildings, and voi la!

OK everyone, I hope you liked this little guide, e-mail all comments to, my new address.