Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Soviet Stratagies
Easy Win, Soviets vs Allies on a map with vehicles
1. OK, first of all, build four tesla reactors, barracks and ore refinary (In that order).
2. Now, build 2 flak cannons near important buildings (Con Yard for example).
3. Now, build a War Factory, another war miner, Radar, Battle Lab.
4. Immediately build a Nuke Silo, and a Clone Vat.
5. The silo is there, use it
6. Buy 2 ivans, use the clones, build a yuri, get him to possess a vehicle (preferably a school bus), put the 4 Ivans and an engineer into the bus/vehicle, go into the enemy base in a charge of tanks and a few conscripts (with two engineers lagging behind, for insurance...). Blow everything you can with Kirov's before you fight anything with your tanks/conscripts/flak troopers/tesla troopers,take out everything you can with Kirov's, EXCEPT battle lab/con yard/barracks, take the three with an engineer, hopefully while the enemy is distracted, now go to your base and check out all the cool units.

For soviets vs allies in a wilderness/snow map
6. Build a bunch of attack dogs (about 4) charge the enemy base with two Kirov's, followed by tanks, followed by dogs, followed by conscripts/flak troops, followed by ivans to mop up the rest, using engineers to take the buildings. Now, blow everything up

Soviets vs Allies with a lot of turrets in their base
6. After your attack run with the silo, charge with Kirov's, if they die, build more, build a few tanks, use the silo again, go in with Kirov's, then tanks before they die, then dogs, then conscripts/flak troopers, followed by Ivans to mop up the rest more tips will be submitted at a later date.