Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Cheats

Save the war factory!
Have you ever noticed when playing with superweapons that your enemy always attacks your war factory first, you can stop this assault by two ways:
1). get a chrono legionnaire to 'attack' your factory (making it indestructable)
2). sell for a full refund

Here is another way to get your enemy to attack their own base, get the paratroop option (by tech building or with the americans) then select a war factory. When the paratroopers and war factory are ready, put it in the base (using the small map in the top corner) and when they nuke/storm it they will be attacking there own base.

NOTE: you might want to wait until they are close to launching their missile/storm or else they attack it with tank etc...
you might have to sell the war factory at your base first.