: : : : : : : Finish the last Allied mission without getting nuked

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Finish the last Allied mission without getting nuked
ok this is a bit hard but build up a base until you can get chrono legonaires (bad spelling) build a spy sat uplink (if you haven't all ready) now send you chrono men to the 2 eastern nuke reactors (about 3 men should do it) erase them and send them to the south east nuke plant while continuing to build more chrono troops. erase the plant (you may get attacked by a standard apocalypse tank but erase him too) the power SHOULD go down if now quick erase the south west nuke plant now the soviets have only 4 tesla reactors to power the whole area (leave the other bases) now erase the black nuclear reactors and the kremlin is almost defenceless. now capture the air port to the north of your base and when ready drop then next to the black guard nearest your leigonaires and while the tanks are killing your G.I's get your most likely elite chrono's to freeze them once removed repeat for the other side making sure that all normal apoc tanks are gone first. once done repeat for the sentry guns and erase all defences (2 sentry guns, 2 flak and 1 tesla coil) tanya should shift in so sit back and watch the movie

note: the time it takes to do this is under 40 minutes and not once will the nuke be launched