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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Hell Of An explosion(Theory)
Please note that I have not tried out this trick so if it does not work don't blame me.

With the Soviets you can build up a Nuclear Power Plant for great powering up of their structures. This though may be good for power up is also a bit bad in one area that is if it gets destroyed it causes the damage of about a mini nuke. So what do we do build a Nuclear Power Plant and try and slowly sneak the numbe rup and try to get them as near an enemy base as you can. Now when the enemy will see this he wil try to destroy it. allow him with pleasure and if that fool uses ground forces watch how he destroys not only the structre and greatly damages himself in the process. NOTE: if he uses aerial attack then he will not sustain any damage and also you can use this trick only once. People learn fast. maybe against the computer you may try multiple times.
So if you are playing without super weapons, it's time to make your own with a few modifications ofcourse.