: : : : : : : Double the number of paratroopers\Free GIs

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Double the number of paratroopers\Free GIs
This trick will only work in a skirmish game.
First of all choose to play as the Allies and choose the United States. Then choose one of the maps where you can get a tech-building for Paratroppers. Now when the game starts capture that tech-building. Now for as long as this tech-building remains under your control you will get free paratroopers and being the United States you also get free paratroopers(Americas Speciality) thus if you are ever out of cash and you need troops use this trick to get double the ammount of parratroppers that you would normally get(1 are the American Paratroops and the 2nd are the paratroops from the tech-building)