: : : : : : : Terrorist Attacks to Annoy Human Players

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Terrorist Attacks to Annoy Human Players
Pick the soviet team that has the terrorist, build as many amphibious transport as you want, then build enough half-tracks for the amphib. transport, (4)per transport. Fill the half-tracks with terrorists and Crazy Ivan, then put the half tracks in the amphibs.

Drive the amphibs. into your enemy base and let the enemy destroy them. They will move then likly destroy the half-tracks, so make them go as close to an important enemy structure. As soon as they destroy the half-tracks, the people you put in them will pop out; command all of them to attack the buildings or run towards a cluster of enemy units - great for terrorizing your opponent or as a prelude to a one strike attack that can disable the enemy for a short while to gain time or to cripple there defense.

Hint: This stratagy can be modified, so be willing to experiment.