Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Easy Win on last Allied Mission
IN order to do this, u must build the weather machine and the chronosphere, and u need about 10-15 prism tanks. Heres what u do, u build a bunch of prism tanks and put them north of ur base, if u properly garrisoned the building around the east west and south of ur bases, soviet forces wont be able to get up there. Beware that the soviet nuke targets ur war factory, so i would put it as far away from ur base as possible and as soon as the nuke launches, just sell it, it better than having it destroyed, u can always build another one. Anyways, after u have the prism tanks grouped in the north, wait for your chronosphere to come online. Each time it comes online, chronomorph one of the black gaurd tanks from its spot near the kremlin up north to where u have the fleet of prism tanks. the prism tanks will destroy the black gaurd tank while sustaining only minimal damage. repeat this for all of the black gaurd tanks. us the lightning storm to take out the flak cannons and the guns gaurding the kremlin. if you do it properly, u just won, without having to ever leave your base.