Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Truck bombs are fun.
Be Libya (Soviets). Get a naval base. (forgot name of the naval buidling) Get an amphibious transport or two. Build 1 or 2 truck bombs for each transport. Build a Krazy Ivan. Strap bombs to each truck and put them in the transports. Do it one at a time for safety. Don't worry they won't explode in the transport. Drive the transports into the enemies base and you have two options, wait until they kill the transports (boom!) or unload the trucks. The trucks will instantly 'splode. BOOM!!! For added fun use an Iron Curtain on them to give you x-tra time to place the Bombs. You can also mind control a bus and load it with Conscripts with bombs glued to them. (conscripts are the cheapest unit) Everyone knows by now the bus doesn't get attacked by the enemy so drive it into their base. One important thing is the guys in the bus will be released one at a time and they come out the back.
Have fun and make up your own terrorist methods. Yay bombs!