Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Tips

Alliance Destruction
This cheat will destroy anyone that you want to destroy, but are allied with. First, start off as any team,(I prefer France) and make sure build off ally conyards is on. Then, start the game and ally with someone you would like to obliverate. Next, start building a lot of defense in your ally's base, (your ally should think you are doing them a favor) like prism towers or grand cannons. (if you're france) when you think you have enough denfense to destroy a base, and withstand some of thier men or defense (if they have any) break the alliance, and watch the base crumble. Note: about only 5-7 grand cannons needed will destory a base.
Another note: This cheat will almost always work if short game is on because once the buildings are gone so are the soldiers.