: : : : : : : Unlimited money/Ore and jewells!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Cheats

Unlimited money/Ore and jewells!
This is very easy to do and will take you only a min!
1.Main menu>single player>skirmish>customize battle>random map.
2. Now make any kind of map you want, it doesn't matter what you choose.
3.Click Genorate Map
4.Click Save Map on the right side
5. Then get out of RA2
6. Go into my computer>C drive>Westwood>RA2 (if you saved your map some other place than the default, go there)
7.Find the 2 files that have your saved map name.
8.One should be just the map name and the other the map name plus .img
9. Open the file that is just the map name
10. It should be a text file
11. It will have a bunch of values for the map allong with "Tiberium" (ore/jewells)
12. That value should be about 50 or so.
13. Now change the value to about 5000
14. Now most of the map will be ore and jewells (if there is to much ore then just lower the amount

Since most of the map is ore it is very easy to get money! In a regular game ill have about 5 miners going and my money will be about 300K! I did one time set the ore ammount to 80000 but the game was very slow and unstable. Also there was no room to make any buildings. Any questions or comments email: Coopdogmb@hotmail.com