Colonization Cheats

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Hold Alt and type WIN to access Cheat Mode. Now enter the following codes...
At the Colony screen:

Shift + 1 Finish all buildings in city
Shift + 2 Town Hall disappears
Shift + 4 Get $1000
Shift + 5 100 more of selected cargo
Shift + 6 100 more of selection
Shift + S Promote colonist
Shift + T Add more colonists to city(max 31 or game will crash)
Shift + Space Turn elapses instantly

At the Map screen:

Shift + F1 Make colonists
Shift + F2 Show debug info
Shift + F4 Full map
Shift + F5 Set human player
Shift + F6 Kill natives
Shift + F7 Advance revolution status
Shift + F8 See strategy
Shift + F9 See colony site ranking
Shift + F10 Test routine
these are all the cheats i know for this game and the shift+2 At the Colony screen i don`t know if it works i have not tryed this one yet but the rest of them work