Codename: Eagle Cheats

Codename: Eagle cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Codename: Eagle Cheats

Instantly complete level
Enable the "God mode" code, then press [F10]. If you entered the code correctly, the debriefing menu will appear and display your time and accuracy.

Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [Alt] + S to display the console, then enter any of the following codes:

Level selectmissionmaster
God modecodenamegod
All weaponsweaponmaster
All itemsitemgod
200% armorarmorgod
Full healthhealthmaximum


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Various Cheats
Press [ALT] + S then type in one of the following codes

codenamegod - Invincibility

armorgod - Get 200% armor

weaponmaster - Get All Weapons

itemgod - Get items

healthmaximumu - Max Health

missionmaster - get all missions

To finish the current level:

After putting in the codenamegod code hit F10 to complete level.