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Coded Arms cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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ammo trick
If you reload you weapon manually, before the ammo goes to 0 and it automatically reloads, the maximum ammo reserve stays the same. This does not work if the maximum ammo is under the ammo it can hold (12 for pistol, 32 for assault rifle, ect).
note: this does not work on grenades or any other "throw" weapons.
Boss Hints
The weak spots for the three Bosses in Sector 2 are as follows:
Colossus (Base Boss): Climb the stairs until at the very top and look down at Colossus's head. When the head opens, shoot it with a shotgun for best results (1/5 to 1/4 damage).
Enforcer (City Boss): On the machine's back near the bottom, is a circular lighted area. Your cross hairs will lock on to that area. Shoot it with a shotgun or rocket launcher for best results.
Mantis (Ruins Boss): Get close to the bug and shoot the underside. Shooting its shell will not do anything, as it deflects most of the shots. The best weapon is the Photon MG because it stops Mantis in its tracks.
Easy ammo/health Refill
Has the previous sector left you with little ammo or health then there is a solution for you. In the main terminal select plug ins and remove all except your laser or standard pistol (whichever has more ammo.) Select Start Battle press L until you see training. Go through training and collect ammo and health until you are at the desired amount.
Unlock Bonus Level
Finish the game once.

Unlock Inferno
Defeat Sector 2 Base boss - Colossus.

Unlock Judgement
Defeat Sector 2 City boss - Enforcer.

Unlock Neutron Gun
Defeat the boss on Infinity mode level 30.

Unlock Onslaught
Defeat the boss on Infinity mode level 10.

Unlock Trident
Defeat the boss on Infinity mode level 60.

Unlock Vulcan
Defeat the boss on Infinity mode level 20.

Unlockable: Blast Helm
Defeat Enforcer, the lvl 50 boss.

Unlockable: Surge Helm
Defeat Mantis, the level 40 boss.


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Relode Faster
To reload faster, press the reload button, then right after, switch to another weapon then switch back instantly, your clip should be full now.
Unlock Armour
Unlockable How to Unlock
Surge Helm Defete lvl 40 boss - Mantis
Blast Helm Defeate lvl 50 boss - Enforcer
Unlock Weapons
Unlockable How to Unlock
Judgement Beat Sector 2 City boss - Enforcer
Inferno Beat Sector 2 Base boss - Colossus
Onslaught Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 10
Vulcan Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 20
Neutron Gun Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 30
Trident Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 60
Copperhead Beat Sector 2 Ruins Boss - Mantis