What the world needs now is Japanese hack 'n' slash action games starring female protagonists wearing iron bikinis, isn't it? Well, whether it does or does't, that's exactly what Code of Princess delivers. Made by Agatsuma Entertainment with animation help from the anime studio Bones, Code of Princess features at least fifty playable characters and several different game modes. The main focus however is of course the single-player story.

Code of Princess is the story of Princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux, who after being exiled from her home kingdom takes up her family's sword -- the Sacred Blade DeLuxcalibur, naturally -- and sets out to defeat the monsters and opposing armies who drove her from her kingdom. Along the way she'll meet up with three close friends, the thief Ali Baba, the necromancer Lady Zozo, and the bard Allegro -- each of whom are playable. Others will of course join her adventure, but ultimately it's up to Solange to solve the problems of her kingdom.

In regards to gameplay, Code of Princess mixes a hack 'n' slash style of combo-based action with RPG mechanics. Solange will jump to one of three planes to either attack or avoid enemies, smashing away their HP until a boss spawns and the level can be completed. It's a very loose and casual format that can seem rather tedious, but makes for a wide variety of encounters that feel different when played by multiple different characters.

When players level up, they're able to equip new items or armor as well as add points to their various attributes. The RPG mechanics aren't meant to be a focus for the title, but rather to add some depth to the experience and add a difficulty curve to the game beyond just standard hack 'n' slash combat.

No sequel has yet to be announced for the game, though the development team has expressed interest in such a thing. Code of Princess is a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes.


Code of Princess screens feature boss battles, dialogue

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Code of Princess trailer covers story, RPG action

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Code of Princess box art is gorgeous, screens show RPG brawler action

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Code of Princess trailer showcases Versus mode

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Atlus bringing 3DS RPG beat-em-up Code of Princess to North America

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