Cobra Mission FAQ/Walkthrough
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Cobra Mission FAQ/Walkthrough

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                                             CoBRA MISSION FAQ WALKTHROUGH..
                                             By Adnan Javed alias ChandooG


1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Characters
4. Controls
5. Gameplay
6. Tips
7. Walkthrough
8. Item Listing
9. Item Description
10. Enemy Weak points
11. Important Note


Even thought cobra mission is a really old game , i still decided to make a
guide cause i love this game, i know that it has some adult material , but its
a really fun to play game , and the battle system in this game is also good, so
this game is not going to be a problem for the newcomers.

This game is good in story and the added female aspect although makes the game
a little adultress , its still a good break while all the fighting. As far as i
can tell , there are no codes for this game , and since this game is now
abandonned you may be able to find it somewhere on the net.

2. Story

This game is set is a small deserted island called Cobra island, the government
has no idea what goes on there because its almost out of there reach. Our hero
named JR Knight is living happily in Florida and enjoying his job as a private
eye. One day he receives a call from his best college friend Faythe Watson ,
that her best friend Donna had been missing for a while now , and she needed
JR's help to find him. Our hero reaches the island, and thats where the game

3. Characters.

JR Knight.

This is the hero of the game and your main playable game, he can handle most of
the heavey weaponry in the game , and he has more strength then Faythe. You
will be controlling him throughout the game.

Faythe Watson

She is the person who calls JR and asks him to come to cobra island. She was in
college with JR , and they had a affair back then , now she lives in Cobra
island along with her friend Donna who is missing, thats why she called JR.


This is the mafia boss. He is the bad man of the game , he wants to take over
the world and he starts to gather his forces at cobra island because this is
the perfect place , This place is almost out of the gevernments reach so he
could operate pearefully.

4. Controls

As with most other PC games the controls are realy simple and they mostly
consist of the mouse and keyboard. The direction keys can be used to move the
main character around the areas, the mouse or the direction keys can be used to
move the aiming cursor while your during the battle , and the right click or
the enter key can be used to attack. While in a battle the escape key or the
right click can be used to go to the little menu on the right which allowes you
to use items and runaway from battle.

5. Gameplay

The basic gameplay of this game consists of roaming around areas with a top
down prespective view, and looking for things while fighting the bad guys to
gain levels. Money is gained from fighting the enemies and it also raises your
characters physical stats, thats why i recommend not to run away from any fight
, Weaponry or clothing can be bought from shops , but they are not for free so
you will need some cash. Additional money can be earned with the help of the
Rocket deliviry shops located in central and west cobra. This money can be very
helpfull because this game has some good weaponry. But each different area has
its different enemies as well.

When ever you rescue any female in this game ,they give you there phone numbers
before they leave , you can call them from your partners home , once you call
them , a new game begins , You need to satisfy the women in order to raise your
skills , and to be good with the women, if you fail at that the women get angry
and throw you out. But that should not be a problem as you can keep on trying
this as long as you want. Additional stuff can be used to help in this game ,
there are some adult shops in cobra island which sell these things. These
things can be used to finish the job quickly and smoothly. There are also some
areas in cobra where you will automatically have adult sequences which you can
not avoid , thats a part of the gameplay , and you can also pay to see these
adult sequences in some parts of the game.

During the battle times there is a small bar which moves from left to right ,
when it reaches right the enemy attacks , and whenever the bar is almost full
your attack power is also maximed at those times, so try to hit enemies when
there attack bar is almost full.


* Whenever you are fighting always aim for the head.
* Always keep some money with you for emergencies.
* Whenever you enter a new part of the city be sure to upgrade your weaponry
and armor.
* Do take some time off from the mission to call your female friends. it helps
* Remember that each enemy has a specific weak point except the head, you can
test with enemies that which area affects them    the most , and then you can
fight with your technique
* Ammo is not that cheap in Cobra island , but whenever you find a ammo shop be
sure to stock up .
* Never ever let your magnum be taken away by enemies.
* Try to kill each enemy as quickly as you can.
* Talk to every person you see during the game, they give vital clues , and
sometime its necessary.
* Look in corners for money or other things you may find.
* Be sure to collect the female underwear you find, theres a guy in cobra who
collects them.
* Be sure to make more then 1 save so that if you make a mistake you can start
of from some other point.


Central Cobra.

The game starts with our hero JR ( you can change that name ) reaching cobra
island , the first few moments of the game are automatic as JR walks to the
telescope . After a good view of the scenery you will find three goons. After a
little chit chat they will attack you. Kill them , aim for the head. Then JR
walks automatically to a door and rings the bell. Here you will meet your
partner and JR's childhood friend Faythe. After some chat with faythe you will
take control of the game and now you can rome around central cobra. Be sure to
rest in your partners house whenever you are low on health.

There is a photo junkies house directly west to your partners house, he shows
JR some spicy pictures and asks him that we will give them if JR brings him
some female underwear.

Now go east of your partners house to find the rocket delivery , take their job
. Now you can legally enter houses in cobra , but be sure to make quick
deliviries so taht you get the maximum pay and dont get fired, and never return
to the delivery shop until you have made your delivery or else you will hear a
beating from the manager.

Now keep on delivering and level up good , and make some good money, be sure to
buy good equipment from the shops in the city . TO make your task really really
easy later on i advice you to make 3000 $ so you can buy a new gun from the
shop on the north east corner of central cobra, it will take a while but its
worth effort, and besides you will gain a lot of levels while doing this .

When you have the delivery cap on. you can enter the houses marked in the map,
go to there houses and search them thoroughly, in each house you will find a
part of female underwear and you can also talk to the owners again and again to
get some information. These houses also have usefull items sometimes.

When you have enough money , good levels and a gun go to the bridge and have a
sequence , then go to the train station on the west most corner of cobra and
try to break down the stop to have another sequence, then go to the train
station in the noth west corner and talk to the engineer, and very near the
station are the rose hotel and the club 10. Give them both a visit and then go
to the municipal building near the central part of the area.

After you have done all that go to the bar BJ located near the south east
corner of cobra, there talk to the every person atleast 2 times to get some
info. Do the stuff they tell you to do until one of them says that he saw
tacker walking in throuhg the train stop .

For some quick money and a increase in stats you can go to the pharmacutical
complex in the northern part, there the doctor gives you a medicine which will
make you stronger, then go back outside and walkaround and you will get sick.
Return to the complex as quickly as you can and get the antidote, the doctor
offers you to try it again, this time donot take it or you will die.

Now head to the club 10 and make sure to save the game before you enter. Once
in there, talk to the lady on the counter and then after a sequence faythe will
be kidnapped. You will be forced into a good fight now. Dont use the gun
rightnow ,save it for later. Now go back to the bar BJ and talk to the people
until one of them tells you how to get into the club 10.

Equip your delivering cap and go to club 10 , enter and talk to the
receptionist , she will open the back door, now go and enter the area, go to
the little room on the left hand side and find the hidden key in the plant
there , open the door next to it and get ready for your first boss fight. Use
the handgun in this fight and it will be a snap. After you kill tacker you get
your first phone number then take the keys from tacker and rescue faythe in the
room near where you entered. Then go to yout partners house and rest. Call
stephie if you want to have some fun and then head towards the train stop and
into west cobra.


As soon as you enter west cobra go to the bar and talk to the people , they are
all complaining about the cognac there and they are not happy with it , you
will also find dominique who will be yours if you pay her, but you cant do
anything as long as you have faythe with you , so you need to be alone to be
with dominique.

Go to the north west corner of west cobra and you will find the train driver in
the park , talk to him and he will give you a whistle , dont forget this
because this is necessary to beat the west cobra boss. Now go to the rocket
delivery and keep on delivering to gain levels . Keep on delivering until
winter (north east corner) lets you into his house, when he does you will have
a little sequence in which winter tells you that  the only good cognac left is
in keller's shop (AKA adult toy shop) . So i advice you taht if you want to buy
any adult toys, buy them before this part , because then you wouldnt be able to
buy anything from that shop.

Go and give keller a visit, he will challange you that you cant find the
cognac. Now go to the dowsing school and talk to the leader, he will take
faythe and now you are all alone, hmm what do you do now. Go to the bar and
hace a chat with dominique, pay her because that is a part of the story and it
is necessary, After dominique finishes go back to the dowsing school where  you
learn that faythe has learned lv 1 dowsing.

Now go back to the adult toy shop and search the cabinits in the shop, faythe
will point the secret entrance, and keller will allow you to go in and take the
cognac, go inside and take three bottles, then before leaving talk to keller ,
he will tell you about the west cobra boss, and he will give you some gin.

Go to the bar now and talk to the guy in the right most seart, he will ask if
he can have the cognac , give it to him and keep on talking to him until he
falls asleep. Now take his card and go to the house of leathers and chains
located besides kellers shop.

Enter the place and check each room for necessary items, when you reach the
weird girl keep on hitting her until she leaves you, now enter the right door
and have a talk sequence with the girl , she tells you that she is the daughter
of the train engineer and her name is yvonne. then she leaves.

Now save your game and try to exit, you will be attacked by Derik , he will
cast something on JR, if you did take the whistle from the engineer in the park
then it will be fine , or else its gonna be game over. When the fight begins
use the gin on derik , now equip the pen knife ( you do have 1 dont you ? ) and
strike on the whip, once the whip breaks derik is nothing , his weak spots are
his pits. After he dies leave the place.

Go to the rocket delivery now and take the map of south cobra from them , now
check in the place where yvonne's father was standing, you will find a ring
there, and now keller is only selling vitamax's so if you didnt already buy a
toy then its too bad.

Now return to central cobra city and go to the station, talk with the train
engineer and he will give you his number, return to your partners house and
rest , you can also call yvonne now , and have some fun with her. After all
that go to the train station and ask the person to take you to the south cobra.


South cobra has two bosses and there is no rocket delivery, be sure to have the
map with you when you come here, from the station go to the pub and talk 2 or 3
times to each person, find the lighter there, it is necessary later on. Then
head a little north from the pub to find fritz's house, enter via the east
entrance and find the east cobra map in the library room , this is the only
place where you will find the est cobra map so it is a must.

Now head west and try to enter the police station and you will be stopped by
the soldier, head north and enter the atlas construction place, talk to the
lady twice and she will give you the maps to the police station, Now head west
from ther and to the shop, Buy an axe as it is necessary and a few boxes of

Go to the south east corner and find the grass path to the top , talk to the
girl, she tells you that her name is melissa and she worked with donna. Now go
the item shop and buy a orchid brooch , go to the north part of the area and
try to enter the base and be stoped by the guard, now go to the bar and have a
chat. Gappel is looking for new recruits in the city, you can find him in the
streets , donot enter any houses or his position will change . Once you find
him have a little chat, then go back to the bar, have another chat then head to
the warehouse south of the police station.

Break the warehouse door with your axe, head inside and make sure that you find
all the parts of the army uniform, boots pants jacket and hat. Now try to enter
the police station but you will still be stopped by the soldier there. Now go
to the bar and talk to the people, one of them will tell you about mcarthur .
Go to his house which is near the atlas construction agency. When you find the
hosue go to the second floor and you will find his son watching TV. Turn it off
and chat with him. he will tell you how to find the badges . Take the badges
and now go to the police station, Now no one will stop you.

Search the police station and you will encounter Gappel who will tell you how
to enter fist's base, Kill him now and search the north west room in the police
station until faythe decides to take another dowsing lesson in west cobra, she
will leave you now. NOw go to the bar in south cobra and pay chrissy and she
will do her job. When she is also finished go back to the dowsing school in
west cobra and pick your partner , go back to east cobra and to the police
station, when you reach taht same room search is thoroghly and faythe will
discover the secret underground pathway.

Now go through the underground passage until you enter the base, go to the
second floor of the base and work your way to the centre by killing the dark
knights and taking the keys which they drop. Once in the center turn all the
buttons to green, when done so they will turn into gaps which you can dive
into. Once down , heal yourself and save the game, then go north to confront

This is a tough boss , and you will need to attack him quick, the best weapon
here is the gun , after you have kiled him leave the place and go to atlas
construction, then go to west cobra and to your partners house, melissa is in
your phone book now but you cant call until you rescue donna. Go to the city
hall and then to the bridge which is now repaired.


Here first go the bar in the south west section, talk to everyone twice . Now
go to the weapon shop in the north east and buy some good stuff, Go to the
house in the north east section and talk to duncan who tells you about the cold
gear. Now find the onfectionary shop in the center of east cobra and buy 2
carrot cookies. Now go to mrs chrissy's house also on the north road lane , and
give her a cookie, she will give you the stun gun, equip on faythe immediately.
This is not the same chrissy as in the bar in south cobra.

Now go to the north east section and take the path to the beach, enter the
first beach house and talk to the man, then enter the second beach house where
you have another encounter with a woman in the place, after the encounter you
will be awaken be faythe, go to the basement of this house and wake up vinny,
talk to him , and when he leaves you do the same.

Now go to vinny's house and talk to him , now go to duncan's house and he will
give you the gear, but take the diamond which you got earlier. Now equip the
arctic gear and enter the research center near the center part of the east
cobra. Here you must cross the areas while turning all the red lights to green.
To make your journey easier simply find the airconditioenr and turn it off, now
find mechadrome who is the boss of this area.

Hit his cannon as soon as he is ready to fire, and kill him quickly , dont
forget to keep the stun gun equipped on faythe. After you kill him go
downstairs and use the computer to open the door to donna , after the chat talk
to her again and she will give you a key. Find the door there and step into the
dark area. Go south west in the dark to find the exit.

Now go back to duncan's house and give his cloting back and take back the
diamond , go back to the central cobra and to your partners hosue, now go to
city hall and then again to your partners house, rest there.

Now go to the train station and then have a little fight, now the clerk will
agree to take you to the graveyard where the mayor of cobra city is being held.


When you leave the train go south to the red house where the mayor is held ,
kill the guards and try to talk to the mayor, if you have the diamond then he
will talk to you immediately , otherwise go back to duncan and get the diamond
back. THe mayor will give you some vital information.

Head north and push the statue to reveal the underground passage. Now take the
underground map from the old man, and keep on passing the underground passages
until you reach the castle.

Be sure to find the armor and weapon shop underground , you can find some great
things there, and dont forget to meet stanley who is the leader of the
underground resistence. He will tell you about the sword of gaia. You will find
this sword in a building to the south west of the graveyard. The owner of that
house will give you the sword. Equip JR with the sword and keep it equiped

Break the castle lock with the sword, in the castle you will need to find four
crystal balls and place them on the 4 small pyramids, Here are the locations :


1. 2nd Floor Southwest Wing
2. 3rd Floor Center Wing
3. 1st Floor Southeast Wing
4. 3rd Floor Southwest Wing


1. 1st Floor West Wing
2. 2nd Floor Southwest Wing
3. 1st Floor Northwest Wing
4. 3rd Floor Southwest Wing

From the entrance of the castle go north until you find the nine pits, fall in
them and go south to find the dynamite and discover that you are back in the
undergrounds. Now return to the castle , go to 2f and use the dynamite on the
locked door. Now look for the captain hawk and his partners in the southern
part of the 3rd floor, kill him and take the map and key he drops. Then go down
to the second floor and open the locked door with the key you just found.

Inside this room you will be given a choice to open the hidden door or not, if
you want to live then dont open the door , if you do open the door then you
will die after another encounter with a lady. CHOOOSE NO . then continue
forward in the dark and you will reach a lever, pull it and the gap in the wall
upstairs will become wider.

Go upstairs and into the gap where you will find the last hard to find pyramid.
NOw head towards the path that opened and head towards kaiser, many of his
guards are in the way to kill you but now nothing is gonna stop you from
killing kaiser.

When you meet kaiser after a little chat the final fight begins , Hit kaiser in
the middle of the eyes with the sword and the gun with faythe. During the
middle of the fight he will take his shirt off, and now you can damage him by
hitting him on his navel. Soon he will be history.

The end sequence will take place automatically and faythe and JR will have fun
in the end of the game and they will get married.


* weapons

Steel Stick     Pocket Knife
Baseball Bat    Metallic Bat
Bull Whip       Dagger
Bamboo Cutter   Metal Rod
Ancient Sword   Ax
Sword of Gaia   Esper Rod
Shock Gun       Pistol
.44 Magnum

* Clothing

PI Cap          ROCKET Cap
Leather Hat     Alum. Helmet
Army Cap        Trench Coat
Thick Coat      Army Uniform
Leather Coat    Winter Coat
POLYTHIX Coat   Fashion Dress
Jean Jacket     Leather Jacket
Winter Jacket   POLYTHIX Jacket
Polyester Jeans Leevis Jeans
Military Pants  Leather Jeans
Leather+ Jeans  POLYTHIX Jeans
Fashion Skirt   Jean Skirt
Leather Skirt   Leather+ Skirt
POLYTHIX Skirt  Sneaker
Army Boots      Edidas Sneaker
Leather Boots   POLYTHIX Boots

* Healing items

Vitamax         Vitamax+
Vitamax++       Super Vitamax

* Throwing Weapons

Grenade         Fire Cracker
Dart            Ninja-Dirk
Fire-Bottle     Jumping Cracker

* Special weapon with affect.

Tear Gas Spray   makes enemy retreat
SHERR Spray      makes enemy hand slippery , cant attack
Shanel No.555    enemy gets poor aim
Megatech Torch   enemy becoms blind
Magic Spray      enemy kills himself
Bottle of Gin    makes the west cobra boss fight easier

* Maps

Cobra City       West Cobra
South Cobra      East Cobra
Cemetery         police
Fist's Base(1)   Fist's Base(2)
C.P.R.C.         Underground
Castle(1)        Castle(2)

* Rare Items

Capsule           Do not use
Orchid Brooch     give to atlas sonstruction lady
VitaUp            Increase MAXHP
Sapphire Ring     sell it for cash

* Other items found in the game

Girl Magazine        Girl Magazine
Girl Magazine        Ammo
Girl Poster          Goods
M44 Ammo             Tranquilizer
Antidote             Key chain
Cognac               Small Key
Membership Card      Whistle
Discount Coupon      Small Key
Silver Key           Key Chain
Diamond Pendant      Small Key
Carrot Cake          Cookie
Bronze Key           Small Key
Side Entrance Key    Rusted Key
Dynamite             Crystal Ball
Swastika Key         Lighter

* Places displayed in the map

Mr B.Thomson        Mr J.Class
Mrs O.Pow           Mr K.Stein
Mrs W.Vitt          Mr T.Winter
Mr C.Bettime        Mr E.Owen
Melissa's House     Mick's House
Fritz's House       Atlas Construction
Duncan's House      Vinny's House
Mrs Crissy          Confectionary


CAP             A cap for men only
RED CAP         A cap for delivery boys
LEATHER CAP     A leather cap for men only
ARMY CAP        A green army cap for men only
HELMET          An alluminium helmet, light and strong
COATS           A coat for men only
ARMY WEAR       A green army uniform
POLYTHIX COAT    Special polythix materical used, design to protect the user
DRESSES          For ladies only
PANTS/JEANS     Pants for men
ARMY PANTS      Military Pants
SKIRTS          Skirts for ladies
BOOTS		These are footwear
VITAMAX         Rocoveres 10 hp
VITAMAX+        Recoveres 30 hp
VITAMAX++       Recoveres 100 hp
SUPER VITAMAX   Recoveres max hp
TEAR GAS        used to cause the enemy to retreat
OIL SPRAY       Used as a weapon againsts enemies
SHANEL NO. 555  This can cause the enemy to miss more frequestly
MEGATECH TORCH  Makes enemy blind, they cant attack or defend for a while
MAGIC SPRAY     Makes the enemy mad, he will attack himself
GIN             A stong liquid, most effectice in corroding leather goods
GOODS           You should deliver them to their owner
VITAPLUS        Makes you tougher
TRANQUILIZER    It will be useful when you are in the right place
KEY OF CROSSING You can open the gate to the crossin with it
COGNAC          Very helpful in winning friends and influening people
MEMBERSHIP CARD With this you can enter the house of leathers and chains
WHISTLE         You might need it somewhere
DISCOUNT COUPON Bring to the right store
CANDLE          Use it and your date will disappear
PENDANT         Maybe used as a collatoral
CARROT CAKE     I hate this stuff, why did i buy it because its cheap
COOKIES         I dont like them but someone else might need them
SAPPHIRE RING   Maybe i can sell this to make money
ORCHID BROOCH   Girls like this cute thing
CAPSULE         just keep it
DYNAMITE        You will need a lighter to use this
CRYSTAL BALL    There seems to be a connection between them and the pyramids
LIGHTER         This is very helpful
LINGERIE        Someone in the city is collecting them


Aerobee         Neck and Head
Boxer           Injured Fist
Karoshic        Real simple
Muscle Crow     Breast and Head
Gang member     Head
Karate Gang     Head
Rockster        Head
Abnormal        None
Armie           Neck and Head
Yakusa          Face
Street Killer   Head
Zamurai         Head
Robot Girl      Body and Leg
Robot           Groin
Guardian        Nipple
Ghost Fighter   Neck
Ghost Wolfee    Mouth
Combat          None
Witch           Head, Hand
Tacker          Hand and Body
Derek           Armpit,
Geppel          simple
Dark Knight     Neck
Mechachrome     Cannon,
Captain Hawk    Eyes,
Kaiser          Above the nose
Kaiser          Navel


Keep in mind that i have intentionally not included any of the adult items in
the lists, because i dont want to.
If you have any suggestion or want to ask me something about this game that
this guide doesnt tell then contact me at

This guide is copyright of Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG. If you use
this guide in your site without my permission i will take some action. This
guide can only be shown at GameFaqs. Please dont use this guide for profit ,
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