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Championship Manager 99/00 Cheats

more goals
Tell your striker to man mark the goalkeeper.
submitted by conor

Free Loan
Try and sign a player on loan and when they accept it click back onto the loan menu bar and bid £o for the player and you will get him for free.
submitted by anonymous

buy players for free
First put an offer in for a player that will deffinately be accepted then when you are offering him a contract click on his name and withdraw your bid go back and put an offer in for £0 and you should still be on the offer contract if he agrees with your contract terms you have just purchased him for nothing.
submitted by dave perkins

win,win and win
If you are a lower division team and you want to get into the premiership , or even if you are in the premiership and you want to win, Before the day of the team you are about to play , click add manager and select that team. On the day you play them you can adjust the other team's tactics to a really rubbish formation eg. all players on the left side. If you are still losing, punish the opposing team for it by swapping their goalkeeper for a striker!!!
submitted by Ben Thacker From Walsall

players 4 nothing
Add manager to a club, ie barcelona, and buy all their players for next to nothing.
submitted by jon barnes

great players to buy
Some very cheap and useful and some expensive but also useful:

Javier Saviola (river plate)
Kennedy Baraclough
Eifion Williams
Martin Palmero
Mads Jorgensen
Simon Davies
Matthew Etherington
Mark Tyler
Mattais Asper
Pablo Aimar
Esteban Cambiasso
Isaac Nkubi
Zlatan Muslimovic

submitted by Dodger

Get Your Loan Accepted
To loan a player, add a manager of the team that the player is in. When you offer a loan, the manager[you also] click on the player name and go to transfer status and click -player not needed by club and for loan- then click -accept- The loan will be accepted by the player, even Ronaldo. Then when the player is loaned, retire the unused manager...
submitted by Md Hidayat a.k.a The Vampire Commander (


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Free Transfer Any Player
Like every other CM game using the CM3 engine, there is a sneaky method to free transfer players. This is quite complicated so I'll do this step-by-step:

1. Make an offer for the player that their team can't refuse (£50million, say).

2. When the club accepts your offer, click the ''Offer Contract'' button.

3. Click on the player's name at the top

4. You should be on the details screen. Withdraw your bid in the drop-down menu in the top-right hand side of the screen.

5. Make another offer for the player for £0. Click ''Back'' return to the ''Squad Status'' screen.

6. Offer the player the salary and bonuses he wants and submit your offer.

7. All being well, the player will accept your conditions and he will sign for you under a free transfer!
Manage any International Teams
Go to ''Add Manager'':

Edit your name, then go to any squad. Click on a player, then click on their nationality (e.g. Ryan Giggs - Welsh). This give you the national squad. Go to the top right hand corner, click on ''Take Control'', then click ''Yes''.

You should now be in control of whichever Nation you chose.
Raise Player Value
When someone comes in with a bid for one of your players, Choose 'Exchange Player' and the club to part exchange one of their players who is much more expensive than your own player. Click ''Negotiate''.

The other club will respond in a matter days with a much higher offer, which you can gladly accept.