Club Penguin Glitches

There are many little glitches in club penguin.
Here are some:
No name: go to the pool (you get to it through the cave and boiler room)
and sit in the bottom right corner. Your name will get hidden!
You spin me right round: press s on the keyborad to sit but move your mouse around your penguin whilst holiding s to spin round whilst sitting!
Lets bounce!: in the puffle shop, where all the puffles bounce up and down if you scroll your mouse over them, keep the mouse about a pixel off them and they will bounce until you scroll your mouse over them again!
I'm not drowning yet!: to get the life ring in hydro hopper early, on level 1 hit the first object you see.
In level two,you will get a lifering but they are introduced in level 3!!!